10 Struggles of Growing Up With Brothers.

Today I got asked a question that inspired my post today. “Did you ever wish you had a sister”? No offence to anyone but my answer was instantly no.

Okay, my reason is a bit selfish but I’m just glad that I didn’t have to share my goodies from when my parents went on business trips overseas.

But honestly,  it wasn’t easy growing up the only girl in a family full of boys. Throughout high school, I was called a tomboy and for better or worse, my brothers pretty much shaped me into the woman I am today.

I’ve made a list of a few things that I’ve struggled with being an only girl in the family:

  1. I pretty much grew up playing with my brothers and their mates in the park till the sun went down and came home with grubby feet.
  2. I always thought bruises were so damn cool! Not so cool anymore 😦
  3. Relating to other girls was a STRUGGLE! Growing up, I most probably came off as annoying to other girls because I was always trying too hard to fit in. I just automatically feel way more comfortable talking to guys because I’ve pretty much been skilled to interact with them all my life.
  4. My brothers who FYI are both younger than me gave me ruthless dress codes. Worse than my school did. Aaaaand they somehow get personally offended and turned into my dad if I was heading out and showed any type of skin.
  5. Younger brothers in due course reach an age of understanding and despite being younger than me, they were both very protective. ANNOYING!
  6. They (still) do everything in their supremacy to ANNOY the living shit out of me!
  7. I’ve pretty much adopted a lot of their tendencies (Let’s not even go there).
  8.  They are brutally honest when it comes to commenting about my lack of fashion sense or my weird personality traits (Ugggh).
  9. THICK SKIN! They make so much fun of me that I’ve had to man the eff up when it comes to taking insults and trained me to dish them out too 😉
  10. Even though my mum always complained about how she wished I was more girly and that I’d never understand how precious a sister is and no matter however I turned out to be, I wouldn’t change a thing. 🙂  I highly doubt anyone else would put up with my psychoness like my two brothers ❤




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