Hey guys!

A very happy and blessed Easter to all of my lovelies. It’s my favorite holiday ever because this is the only time chocolate is acceptable for breakfast!! 😀 😀 Who doesn’t like a holiday that involves CHOCOLATE? A lot of it too.


So the past couple of weeks have been….. RANDOM!!!!!

I’ve actually got a list of things I’ve done that I wouldn’t normally do.


  1.  To start off my list of random shit, we got a CAT!!!!!! I repeat, a CAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay so the back story here is that in Fiji, we have a bit of mice and things that are not nice and we had this wee one kinda hanging around our hangout at home so after a few beersies, we thought why the hell not? I’m not too sure whether ‘it’ is a male or a female but for now we shall call ‘it’ Dino (please don’t ask why).  Sorry no photo’s yet ( till shy). Also, how and when and where does it poop? (I don’t think we thought this through)
  2. Moving on, has anyone watched  As Above, So Below?  Basically a shitty azzzz movie about the Catacombs of Paris. Shitty, but CREEPY! Anyway, after watching that movie, I thought to myself who in their right mind would even go into a bloody tunnel or cave? Yeeeeeeeap!!!!!!! I went into a Limestone/ Bat cave in Wailotua Village. On a drive down to Ba, bunch of my mates thought why not?  It was pretty daring for me, considering I’m claustrophobic and the biggest WUSSSSSSS!!!!!!! The entrance was beautiful with lots of pretty flowers and everything was so green and then we turned on our torches and kinda had to crouch through the first few minutes but damn that place had A LOT of rich history going way back to the cannibalism days. We even saw this little corner that they had to kill their enemies right before they cooked them for dinner. And then we went deeper into the cave and were asked to keep our torches down so we wouldn’t disturb the bats. Bloody hell we were in an actual bat cave and all my mates could think of was how that could have been a prime location for a meaaaaan az Night club -___________-  Ohhhhhhhh and we also saw the “6 headed snake” which gave me chills but somehow I was pretty calm during the whole tour. #Proud

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  3. So this one time, my friend’s mum said that ” A woman’s beauty lies in her hair”. So kind of keeping that in mind, I’ve always had long hair but yesterday I got out of bed and decided I needed a change. Sooooooooooooooooo here is my before picture 12189519_532777413544117_7548558865708148427_n.jpg   and I don’t really have an after picture YET but my hair is now shoulder length.It’s the shortest that my hair has ever been in more than 10 years! Real talk, cutting my hair this short after a lifetime of having to deal with damaged, split-ended long hair was one of the best decisions ever. This experiment turned out to be extremely liberating and I have no idea whyyyy but cutting my hair short feels like a cleanse (But really). I have super wavy hair and i’m too lazy to blow dry my hair so what happens after I wash my hair is up to the Almighty! OILEI!! Let’s stress about that tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, it’s the last day of the long weekend and then it’s back to reality 😦  in Suva Shitty! Lucky for me, I’ve got some friends that make life a little less shitty.


I Love ya’ll.

K enough of that senti stuff.

Hope everyone has had a great weekend. MOCE MADA x




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