Something Terrible Just Happened…

THE SCREEN FOR MY PHONE HAS CRACKED AND GIVEN UP ON ME but no, that’s not what’s so terrible. It was my reaction.

I acted like a big spoilt baby and threw a tantrum (even posted a status on Facebook). And then, I sat down and took a few breaths in and told myself to snap out of it. Losing my phone, wasn’t the end of the world. ( I only wish that I had stored my photos somewhere).

Losing my phone was nothing compared to what people in countries like Japan, Lebanon, France and Syria must be going through. With different magnitudes of tragedies in these countries, people are scared for their lives while I should be GRATEFUL that I have a safe place to sleep, food to eat and most importantly- that my loved ones are safe.

I can always get a new phone, but losing someone you love and care for so tragically is something I can’t even comprehend.

It’s mostly our generation that is guilty of  being so materialistic, so vain, so selfish, so oblivious and so ungrateful. All we do is want, want, want and NOW. And because we get what we want so easily, we don’t know the value of things anymore. We’ve stopped appreciating the little things in life. All we seem to care about is snapchat and Instagram (I know, cause i’m super guilty of this). We hang out with our friends but don’t think anything of it when we pick up our phones in the middle of a conversation just to scroll through our newsfeed (that’s pretty much the same thing over and over and overrrrr again). It’s pretty much the same as picking up a book to read while someone is talking to you (quite rude).

I would like to write a bit more but pressed for time.

Bye for now x



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