Product Review – Wild Orchid Body Lotion By Naturally Fiji



A few weeks ago, I walked into Fiji Market by Tappoo in Nadi to grab a coffee with my brother. It’s been crazy hot in the west lately so instead of my usual Flat white- no sugars, I ordered a double shot Iced Coffee (ended up being too sweet 😦 ). As I sat down to wait for my coffee, I noticed a new range of beauty and skincare products on the shelf. Mind you, I’m devoted to my Pure Fiji with their amazing range of fragrances like White Ginger Lily, Mango and Guava to name a few. Yes, yes, there have been other products like Reniu and Natural Fiji that already exist in the market but I’ve never ever ever been tempted. So, I’m guessing what really caught my eye was the word ‘natural’ and next to it the pictures of local ingredients like Turmeric, Noni and Dilo to name a few.

First, I picked up the purple bottle of Body Lotion that smelt a bit too sweet for my liking and then I applied a bit of the other option that was available; the Wild Orchid. Boy was I impressed! Pure Fiji fragrances are amazing but this one was a different type of amazing.

I know I can’t be the only girl that really really really likes men’s cologne and I’d say this body lotion is perfect for girls that appreciate men’s cologne because of it’s very soothing and earthy aroma.

Naturally Fiji body lotions are 100% coconut oil infused with Orchid extracts, Dilo and Noni oils, Honey and a hint of Lavender Oil.

The worst thing is when your body gets sticky in this MAD SUMMER HEAT because of the body lotion that you use :/ I like the Dewy look but it sucks when your lotion is greasy and makes you look like a dying seal. In saying that, the best part is that this lotion isn’t greasy leaving your skin feeling healthy, fresh and light 🙂 After using it for a couple of weeks now, I’ve noticed that my skin definitely feels rejuvenated.


Orchids are delicate, exotic and graceful.

Along with being beautiful, Orchids are known to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and act as an anti oxidant that leaves skin moisturized and conditioned.

I won’t go deep into it but there are pigments in the orchid extract that have a protective mechanism against environmental stressors such as UV radiation, temperature extremes, drought, disease and pollution.



The very rare Dilo oil is extracted from a nut that is found exclusively  on Wakaya Island in Fiji. Cool fact: Back in the 1800s, only royalty were allowed to used ‘deez nuts’ (see what I did there? 😀 ) Dilo oil is rich in essential natural lipids that compliment our skin’s own lipid layer (how awesome is that?)

Dilo oil is unique and fast-absorbing which helps strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier. What this means is that it will hydrate your skin, improve firmness and elasticity, even skin tone and reduces wrinkles (Need I say more?).


Noni a.k.a Cheese Fruit

Along with the many other natural products, Noni has also become popular in the recent years.

Known for it’s many health benefits including being an antidepressant an immune system booster, Noni’s properties are useful on skin and scalp conditions, such as eczema and ringworm; also rubbed on scalp for lustrous hair; and will keep your skin young.

Noni juice is rich in nutritionally important fatty acids, which are the building blocks of fats and oils in the body. According to an article on the website of naturopathic doctor Anthony Speroni, these acids help to keep skin healthy by promoting the efficient functioning of cell membranes.

Simply, this allows all cells to more readily absorb the nutrients they need while also flushing out the toxins that interfere with optimal cell function (YAY).

Coconut oil.
Liquid and solid coconut oil on palm leaf .


Lastly, Coconut Oil.

  • Anti-ageing properties
  • Rich in Proteins – contribute to tissue repair

The best property of coconut oil that makes it so beneficial for skin is that it does not become rancid. When you apply it on the skin, it can work for a longer time, unlike many other oils, without it getting rancid. Due to these various beneficial properties of coconut oil, it is used as an important ingredient in several skin care creams.

  • Lip gel
  • Skin softener
  • Makeup remover
  • Skin disorders


Product Rating: 8/10


Thank you for reading 🙂


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