Rugby World Cup 2015

(This post doesn’t cover all teams playing)

 RUGBY FEVERRRR!!!!  It’s all everyone seems to be talking about. I’ve been meaning to write about the RWC for some time now and Australia’s win over the fuckin POMS this glorious morning inspired me to get started. Let me be clear here, I am not an Aussie fan but I have my reasons to be stoked AF that England are OUT! (No offence Downton Abbey I still love the shit out of you)

For starters, my team for the RWC has always been the All Blacks, but with pride, I also backed my home country Fiji

Fijian War Dance- ‘ Cibi’

Our small but brave Island nation was unfortunately placed into the Pool of Death against England (EWWWW), Australia (eww), Wales (kinda ew) and Uruguay. When I say ‘Pool of Death’, what I really mean is POOL OF DEATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fiji has played so well, with excellent players such as Nemani Nadolo (who scored the 15,000th point), Levani Botia, Nemia Kenatale and our Captain Akapusi Qera (funky name right?). This team has earned the respect of so many around the world but have yet to win a game with only one game left against Uruguay (fingers,hands and legs crossed) .

Fijian Wing- Nemani Nadolo

Fly Half Ben Volavola and Nadolo



  1. While Fiji was performing their traditional War dance known as the ‘Cibi’ (like the haka, is performed before the kick off), the fuckin English fans with their loud voices drowned out our brave Fijians with their ANNOYING AF ‘Swing low, sweet Chariot’ song.( Now we all know what happened to their sweet chariot against the wallabies 😉 ). I know for a fact that I speak on behalf of all Fijians on this planet (even if they don’t support Fiji at the RWC), I found this REVOLTING!!! However, I was not at all surprised by their pathetic behaviour as It only goes to show how truly uncultured the POMS really are, still singing the ‘slave song’ (once again, pathetic).  See it for yourself  and let me know if I’m over reacting. –>  

2. Controversial comment on twitter from British Commentator; Nick Mulins.

“Fijians all watching one TV hoping the generator doesn’t break” – Nick Mullins.

We’re supposedly the friendliest country on earth but man it’s like the English are really trying sooo hard to be absolute ASSHOLES! (hey i’m just thinking out loud here). Nemani Nadolo clapped back

nemzy @nemani_nadolo “Theirs more than one tv in Fiji mate and power is running just fine..@andNickMullins disappointing call mate.. #muppetcall“.

 You’re very lucky Mullins, that we’re not still cannibals (We would have loved to have you for dinner!! Mmmmm Scrumptious Chill guys, I’m kidding hehe).

     3. The biggest upset of the RWC- JAPAN beating SOUTH AFRICA  34-32 (Yes, this really happened)

Boks in disbelief after Japan smashed them

4. There was an ‘ awwwwwww’ moment after Romania lost 44-10 to Ireland.  Florin Surugiu proposed to his girlfriend       (now fiancée) at the Wembley Stadium.

Lucky for him, she said YES! ❤

Moving onto the bigger picture -> The defending champions

The mighty ALL BLACKS!!Fern_F6F01C20-21AC-11E4-9FA5005056A302E6

The New Zealand All Blacks team is more than just a bunch of super handsome guys in super sexy Jerseys. With a winning percentage of 76.4 over 526 Tests (1903-2014), the star studded All Blacks are the most popular and successful international rugby side of all-time(Did I meantion how handsome they are? 😉 ).

The All Blacks performing the HAKA
Dan Carter
Captain Richie McCaw

Here are some quick facts about the team that’s in the run to defend their title.

  • Australia is their biggest rivals (hence, why the Aussies are eww)
  • Claimed World Rugby’s Team of the Year eight times in the last ten years.
  • In late 2014 New Zealand celebrated a unique milestone, ranked as the top ranked team for over five years without interruption.
  • The first rugby nation to win 400 Test matches
  • Won 10 of the 16 Tri-Nations trophies
  • Held the Bledisloe Cup for 12 years (2003-2014)


Alright, back to 2015, The last game against Georgia has everyone digging their nails deep into the team; questioning them and challenging them. We all  know it wasn’t their best, but it wasn’t their worst. I know, I know, there’s no justification for their worryingly poor finishing or the general lack of structure but with three wins and no major injuries, I think we’re good (wanna be coach).

“As we get closer to the quarter-final and its sudden death, we’ll bring our whole game,”  “If we bring our whole game straight away everyone sees what we’ve got and that hasn’t worked for us in the past”. – Steven Hansen (All Blacks Coach)

Alright lads, this is where I leave you
keep calm and wait for the next game.
Till then
Neha xx

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